Hospital Construction

Members of the Singular Humanitarian Experience 2010 Expedition to Guatemala share their experiences on the construction site of the new hospital in Nueva Concepción, Guatemala.



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IV Treatments in Rural Guatemala


Singular Humanitarian expeditioners and rural health workers work together to administer IV treatments in the Polochic Valley in rural Guatemala. This was part of a week long medical training for rural health workers in the region.


Singular Humanitarian Experience is a volunteer run organization which encourages education and sustainability in developing countries.









Teach A Man To Fish


In August 2009, Singular Humanitarian experience helped to build the region's first secondary school in a remote village in Guatemala.


In July 2010, they returned to Guatemala to see the school for the first time and to offer a teacher development program for educators in the region.











Portraits Of The Polochic


One of the best parts of a Singular Humanitarian Experience are the people we meet and the friendships we create. Here are some of the people that touched our lives on SHe's 2010 Guatemala Expedition.


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